UEFA Champions League Fantasy – The Complete Guide

Hi everyone and welcome to TheFantasyPL.com guide to creating a UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football account. We hope by publishing this step by step guide we can assist those who are new to playing the game of UEFA Champions league Fantasy Football, or highlight any differences to those who have played different versions of Fantasy Football games.



To begin playing the game you will need to create an account, this can be done via your internet browser by searching for uclfantasy.uefa.com; or by downloading the app from either ‘GooglePlay’ (on Android) or the ‘App Store’ (for iphone). For those of you who own a Playstation4 you can follow the advertised link on your home screen to the site. The game is free to play.

Once on the UEFA.com home page- if you haven’t been directed automatically to the Fantasy page- follow the these instructions:

From the UEFA.com home page (where you can find a host of information on football teams around Europe). Locate the ‘Fanzone’ section, on there you will find the ‘Fantasy’ section.

Once on the Fantasy Home page, you can select the ‘Try as a guest’ option. This is highly recommended as it gives you the opportunity to begin selecting a squad, before you commit to creating an account.

If you not you can go directly to the ‘Create team’ section of the page.


Selecting the correct players to make up your squad is critical to your success in the game, especially important if competing in a league with friends!

Squads must remain within a 100million euro budget, but you don’t have to spend all the money in advance, some can be saved for a later time when you want to make changes later in the game if you choose.

Your squad must contain 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards.

In the initial group stages your player selection is limited to 3 players from any one team participating in the Champions League tournament. As the competition progresses this will increase to allow 4 in the round of 16, followed by five players for the quarter-finals, six for the semi-finals and eight for the final.

Tip = you can try the ‘auto select’ option to see a random selection of players, then remove who you wish or try a variety of formations.

Once you are happy with your squad you can then enter this team- if you haven’t already registered an account you will need a personal email to confirm this and create your account.


From the 15-man squad you have picked, you will then need to select a first team/starting 11. This team can be built up in any of the following formations 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-5-1, 5-3-2, 5-4-1 and 5-2-3. The formation box is located to the bottom left of the screen, simply click on the formation you require.

The selected players will then need to be confirmed as your starting 11 prior to the matchday deadline, which in the Group stages is on a Tuesday (matchdays take place over both a Tuesday and a Wednesday, see below for all the deadline dates) remember to check your time zone, and adjust accordingly (the deadlines are added near the bottom of this article).

Your points will be scored (more on scoring below) by the 11 players in your first team; however, if one or more of your starting 11 doesn’t play in the game week, then they may be automatically substituted with one of the players on your bench.



The next thing to do is to choose who will be your captain. This is an important decision as your captain’s game week score will be doubled. To select your captain, simply click on the player of your choice and at the bottom of the tab, select the ‘Captain’ option.

If your captain does not play a minute of that gameweeks match, then no other player’s score will be doubled i.e. There is no ‘Vice captain’ option to take over the captaincy.



After all matches on a single day have finished (the Tuesday games) and before the next matches start (on the Wednesday), you can make changes to your starting 11, substituting any players on your bench who haven’t yet played. This can be an important area when selecting your squad to maximise the potential for getting points from your team, and can make a big difference to your overall points score. However, when you substitute a player, the player who is removed will have any points scored taken away, and will score zero. The incoming players score will be counted towards your overall score.

You can also substitute your captain, however, when you make that substitution, the captain who is removed will have any points scored taken away, and will score zero. Your new captains score will be doubled (e.g. If Messi is your captain on Tuesday, he scores 6 points and you have a substitute who is playing in the Wednesday game you feel has a chance of scoring higher, whoever you have replaced him with and given the captaincy to, will now have their points added to your overall score. Once you substitute Messi he scores 0).

You cannot change captains if your original captain was sent off in the previous days game.

Once confirmed, substitutions cannot be canceled.

You can use all the substitutes you have on your bench, not just three, like in a real match.

Once your substitutions have been made by yourself, no automatic substitutions will be made.


If you haven’t made any manager substitutions, or captain changes, automatic substitutions will take place at the end of the matchday, when all fixtures have been played. This means any players in your starting 11 who didn’t participate will be replaced for ones from your substitute bench who did.

For instance, if your selected goalkeeper didn’t play, but your substitute did, your substitutes point score will be counted towards your overall total.

If any of your outfield first team players didn’t participate in the matchday, then the game will try to substitute the inactive player for one of your substitutes.


Making transfers can be critical to scoring high points over the course of the game. Unlimited transfers can be made until the first deadline, and once again between group and knockout stages. Once the game begins after deadline day, only one free transfer can be made per game week. Transfers cannot be saved and carried forward to the next matchday. Additional transfers can be made however, four points will be deducted from your score for each transfer.

No free transfers can be carried forward once the knockout phase begins.

Number of free transfers

Before group stage: unlimited

Group stage: 1 per matchday

Between group stage and round of 16: unlimited

Before round of 16 second legs: 2

Before quarter-finals first legs: 5

Before quarter-finals second legs: 2

Before semi-finals first legs: 5

Before semi-finals second legs: 2

Before final: 5

The game features a ‘Wildcard’ option to help with changing your squad. A wildcard allows you to rebuild your entire squad, without having a points penalty deduction.

This must be activated by selecting the ‘Play wildcard’ option. Once activated any number of changes may be made between game weeks, whilst the wildcard is active . You must still remain within the 100 million budget.

There is only one wildcard available per season and once activated, cannot be cancelled, so choose when to use it wisely.

Once any transfers are completed, the players changed will begin scoring points from the following game weeks deadline.

Gameweek  Deadlines:

  1. Matchday 1    13 September, 20:45CET
  2. Matchday 2    27 September, 20:45CET
  3. Matchday 3    18 October, 20:45CET  
  4. Matchday 4    1 November, 18:45CET  
  5. Matchday 5    22 November, 18:00CET
  6. Matchday 6    6 December, 20:45CET  
  7. Matchday 7    14 February
  8. Matchday 8    7 March
  9. Matchday 9    11 April
  10. Matchday 10  18 April
  11. Matchday 11  2 May 
  12. Matchday 12  9 May
  13. Matchday 13  3 June 



Points are scored by your fantasy players depending on their real-life counterparts perform in the matches they play in. Each individual player score is added with the teammates you have selected, to create your teams overall score.

Below is the method of point scoring:

  • Playing in a game    1
  • Playing at least 60 minutes in a game (includes points mentioned above)    2
  • Goal scored by a goalkeeper or defender    6
  • Goal scored by a midfielder    5
  • Goal scored by a forward    4
  • For each assist    3
  • Goalkeeper not conceding while on pitch (must play at least 60 minutes)    4
  • Defender not conceding while on pitch (must play at least 60 minutes)    4
  • Midfielder not conceding while on pitch (must play at least 60 minutes)    1
  • Earning a penalty    2
  • Conceding a penalty    -1
  • Penalty miss    -2
  • Penalty save    5
  • For every two goals conceded by a goalkeeper or defender    -1
  • Yellow card    -1
  • Red card (includes yellow card deduction)    -3
  • Every three saves made by a goalkeeper    1
  • Own goal scored    -2


After completing your squad, each managers team is automatically entered in to 3 leagues:

  • The overall league, involving all registered players.
  • A league for fellow players from your country of residence.
  • A league of players who support the same UEFA Champions League club as you.


In addition you can enter your team into up to 20 ‘Private leagues’, where you compete against your friends or if you like, create your own league and send out invites for friends to join you. There is no limit to the number of people entered in a league.

You can join the TheFantasyPL.com by entering the code 14536JWV or simply follow this “LINK!”

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