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Remember the guy who advised you not to pick Choupo-Moting for gameweek 4? Well, he crawled out of his stone, to try to give you some more bad advices. By now you should now what to do with my articles – just pick players that I told you not to choose!


Well, if we are speaking of Choupo-Moting, a man that is an avid Schalke supporter wrote me during the game something like: “Ok, anyone who for some reason has Choupo-Moting in their squad, should really sell him now, ‘cause he won’t score again! EVER!” Of course he was exaggerating, but that was actually what I’ve told you before, and what I am actually trying to do with these articles – looking at the long-term picture. If you, however, decide to transfer-out Choupo-Moting after reading this article, and he continue to score in the following weeks – then I’ll just provide you a contact information of my friend.

Well, we cannot start this weeks article without mentioning Liverpool’s disaster at Emirates stadium. After going on international break in such a good mood and actually doing something in the transfer deadline days, Liverpool was massacred by Man City. Of course, Ederson  was also massacred by Sadio Mane. Speaking of Mane’s red card, I really cannot understand what was all the fuss about? In my opinion (being a Liverpool supporter by the way), it was unintentional, careless and very dangerous – so it was a straight red and I support the decision not to reduce his suspension.


If there’s something else that I’ve personally learned in gameweek 4, is that maybe I should give up on Bournemouth. Of course it’s still early in the season, but I honestly didn’t expected to see them with zero points after four rounds.


Ok, let’s jump to GW4 recap with top3 lists:



  • Heaton – 1 pt – 35 minuntes, 0 saves
  • Lossl – 1 pt – 2 saves, 2 goal conceded
  • Bravo – 1 pt – 44 minutes, 0 saves

We had interesting situation in this gameweek, since two goalkeepers got subed. Therefore neither Burnley’s or Man City’s goalkeepers didn’t received their clean sheet points. As I said before, it is hard to choose between the keepers, but it is a good example of purpose to avoid players that can get subbed. Of course, we cannot really foresee keepers injuries. Third one on the least is right now Lossl, because he conceded his first goals of the season. In the future few GWs ,have in mind that Ederson and Heaton probably won’t start.



  • Alexander-Arnold – -1 pt – 1 yellow card, 5 goals conceded
  • Francis – 0 pts – 45 minutes, 1 yellow card, 1 goal conceded
  • Williams – 0 pts – 1 yellow card, 3 goals conceded

Despite playing some good games at the beginning of the (whole season) Alexander-Arsnold actually currently has -1 point overall, since he only played in first GW and the last one. Many saw him as a good and cheap option since Clyne is to miss a lot of games due to injury, however…


  • Mane – -2 pts – 36 minutes , 1 red card
  • Hazard – 1 pt – 12 minutes
  • Son – 1 pt – 5 minutes

We already mentioned Mane’s red card, but after him we can see two good examples how we should pay more attention on how much some player will play in a gameweek. Many probably expected Hazard to play more, since he played for Belgium during the break, while Son is back to his super-sub role for Spurs.



  • Gayle – 0 pts – 12 minutes, 1 yellow card
  • Murray – 0 pts – 7 minutes, 1 yellow card
  • Slimani – 1 pt – 45 minutes

Neither of this players was actually a real option in Fantasy Premier League. If we considered Dwight Gayle to be a good and not so expensive one, we all now know that this is not true. His price already dropped by 0.2 and number of players that own him is split in half.

Top 5 worst choices in GW2:


Top 5 worst choices so far this season:

Let’s try make some better predictions this time:


  • Bournemouth – Brighton: Woo-hooooo! Friday night football is back! Who’s playing? Bournemouth – Brighton? Really! Such a great game to make this kick-off time popular! Just put two teams that will fight to avoid relegation. And do it more than 30 gameweeks to early! I don’t know, maybe Bournemouth will finally take some points, but I’m sure this game will watch only ones that are legally obliged!


  • Crystal Palace – Southampton: Let’s appoint a manager that got fired after 2 months in Inter, and than fire him after 4 games into the season, and appoint Roy Hodgson! I’m actually considering watching this game! Don’t know what to expect.


  • Huddersfield – Leicester: This one I would actually love to watch. Huddersfield actually disappointed agaisnt West Ham, but they could maybe bounce-back now that they are not under the pressure any more. Leicester, on the other hand is done with their ManU-Chelsea back-to-back games, so I actually would expect to see a goals from the both sides here.


  • Liverpool – Burnley: Good thing for Liverpool – Heaton is injured. Bad thing for Liverpool – Champions league has started and now we’ll see how actually Liverpool’s squad is short. At the same time, their defense is as shaky as always, with the ones that Liverpool actually got get injured or sick every fricking week. Since Mane is suspended, don’t really know what to tell you. Maybe consider just Firmino, because of the possible spot-kicks.


  • Newcastle – Stoke: Newcastle actually has 6 points already!? Just remember what my friend told me about Choupo-Moting. I won’t be surprised if Stoke’s defense get out this one without conceding.


  • Watford – Man City: Should not really look past Man City’s squad. Ok, Bravo will get back on goal probably for this one, but I don’t think that should be enough for Watford to upset them. If Pep does not decide to put only full-backs in his defense, I think their defenders are safe choices.


  • West Brom – West Ham: Many things I could’ve expected in the last GW, but I did not expected West Brom to lose and West Ham to win. I would expect West Brom to take this one.


  • Spurs – Swansea: Well, if we don’t believe in “Wembley Course”, and we actually should not! That stuff does not exist, Spurs should win this one with ease!


  • Chelsea – Arsenal: Arsenal bounced-back nicely after losing against Liverpool, but I’d be surprised if they get anything from this game. I won’t go that far and say they won’t score, but it is obvious that Chelsea is better team.


  • Man Utd – Everton: United will now have to play a few weeks without Pogba, so we’ll see how they will do it. Everton is ending their horror series of matches since GW2 – Man City (A), Chelsea (A), Spurs (H) & Man Utd (A). If they get any from this one they’d be happy. Also, we are expecting to see an emotional come-back to Old Traford from Wazza Rooney, so let’s expect him to score a goal in this game.

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