Anti-Fantasy, Players to Avoid – GW 7

When Serge Aurier signed for Tottenham on deadline day last August quite a number of people commented his temper. Of course, getting second yellow on a league debut may not be an end of the world. However, the thing is, when you have a player like Aurier in the squad, you can always expect cards from him. Even when he may not deserve it, referees are more likely to book a player like him. He may not cost Spurs a lot of points at the end, however you may loose quite a few in FPL if you own him. Personally, there are many better options in Spurs’ squad to choose.


In other news: Crystal Palace is yet to score a goal in the league! Surprise, surprise… Well, they had a bad weekend – not only they lost 5:0 at Etihad, but Roy Hodgson is still their manager! We don’t need to tell you to avoid everyone from Palace’s squad. Well, we may also add Bournemouth to that list, even though Charlie Daniels is still able to bring some points at the back, it is a big question is he giving back enough with his price. They certainly have a lot of problems in defense, so I would continue to avoid them for now.

Jose Mourinho missed his bus a lot during first 5 gameweeks, so he decided to park it at St. Mary’s. At least Lukaku scored, so it wasn’t all disaster over there. Stoke didn’t stand a chance against Chelsea with in-form Morata. Michy is gonna get some minutes in the league when EA Sports upgrades its servers, apparently.


Tammy Abraham still may be a cheap attacking option, but even though he scored off the bench it would be a risk having him in the squad if Bony continue to start. Oh yeah, and Watford is currently sharing 4th place with Tottenham and Liverpool! Liverpool that managed to take all 3 points from King Power Stadium, even though they really tried to lose some! Mignolet saved a penalty, but Leicester should really start thinking of some other player for their spot kicks, since both Mahrez and Vardy really do not have such a good penalty track record.


I would also like to say hello to everyone that jumped in Lascelles bandwagon, and won’t say a word any more about that this week.


So, we are 6 weeks in to the league, and here is how our worst team currently looks like:



Goalie and defense are really not surprise. Combination of Bournemouth’s and Palace’s players currently looks worse than Dejan Lovren playing alongside doubtful Joel Matip.

We have two new players in the midfield! Van la Parra made entry playing of the bench for Huddersfield, while 35 million pounds worth Alex-Ox Chambo entered the team playing who-knows-what for Liverpool. If he continues this way, he may as well stay in this squad of eleven.

In the forward, Benteke is paired with Barnes who regularly comes of the bench for Burnley since GW2 and managed to only get booked once.

Top 3 choices in GW6 per positions:



  • Butland – 0 pts – 4 goals conceded, 0 saves
  • Hennessey – 1 pt – 5 goals conceded, 4 saves
  • Begovic – 1 pt – 2 goals conceded, 1 save



  • Schlupp – -1 pt – 5 goals conceded, 1 yellow card
  • Aurier – -1 pt – 1 red card, 2 goals conceded
  • Matip – 0 pts – 2 goals conceded, 1 yellow card



  • Ayew – 0 pts – 24 minutes, 1 yellow card
  • van la Parra – 0 pts – 27 minutes, 1 yellow card
  • Capoue – 0 pts – 45 minutes, 1 yellow card



  • Crouch – 0 pts – 29 minutes, 1 yellow card
  • Llorente – 0 pt – 1 minute, 1 yellow card
  • Slimani– 1 pt – 10 minute

Top 5 worst choices in GW6:


Let’s try to make some predictions for the weekend games, 4 days up front (time this article is being written):

  • Huddersfield – Spurs: Many FPL manager wrote Kane off after he blanked out in GW5, but he managed to score a brace in GW 6 and a hat-trick in CL. Is it maybe now a time for him to blank-out again? Honestly, even if he does blank out, I think that Huddersfield’s defense should not be a mach for Spurs’ attacking options. I think this could possibly be a really nice game to watch, but I’d be surprised if Spurs don’t take 3 points from it.
  • Bournemouth – Leicester: Maybe just avoid both teams defenses if possible.
  • Man Utd – Crystal Palace: If Palace manages to score their first goal at Old Trafford Mourinho will probably kill himeself. Anyway, it seems Uncle Woy didn’t really take a look at games schedule before he took over Palace.
  • Stoke – Southampton: Stoke lost to Chelsea, but that does not mean they are that bad. Southampton is really not that good of a team, so I really don’t know what should I expect from this game.
  • West Brom – Watford: Hornets are currently overachieving at the beginning of the league, but know they are visiting what should be one of the most organized defenses in the league. I would say “an interesting game to watch”, but I don’t see how game between WBA and Watford can be a fun to watch?
  • West Ham – Swansea: I’m really like just waiting for Bilic o be sacked. After his first year, I really cannot tell what is that he is doing over there. Will Swansea be able to take some points from West Ham? Well, I tell you what – Swansea currently have 5 more points than I expected them to have after 6 gameweeks.
  • Chelsea – Man City: It’s really anyone’s game this one. Both teams won with a lot of scored goals last week, so we could expect a game with a lot of goals I suppose.
  • Arsenal – Brighton: Many people, me included, somewhat wrote-of Arsenal after their debacle against Liverpool. It was not so much the final score, but the way they played. However, they showed after international brake that they are surely more than capable of winning against smaller teams week-in week-out.
  • Everton – Burnley: Koeman is still in charge of Everton, as they were able of winning against Bournemouth. This game, however, can also be a big one for Dutchman, as he have to continue to prove his summer spending.
  • Newcastle – Liverpool: If I didn’t know better, by solely looking at the squads I’d say that Liverpool should win this one easily. Newcastle’s team really does not look like one that should be able to hurt Liverpool. However, I do know better, and I’m really sure Liverpool’s defense will find a way to make it harder for their forwards to win the game.

Well managers, I’m not sure I helped you at all… However, as always, good luck to everyone!

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