Anti-Fantasy, Players to Avoid – Episode 2

From what I’ve heard, there were many FPL managers who subbed Gary Cahill with Kyle Walker. Well, that’s just bad luck, as I’ve explained in my previous text, so you shouldn’t beat yourself up too much. Some of our predictions proved to be wrong, so I’m gonna tell you right away that “FPL is not a sprint! It’s a marathon! We’ll see how all ends in May”. On the other hand, I’ve warned you about Batshuayi and Robson-Kanu, so I will brag about those two!

I’m just kidding. As I said before, we cannot really foresee own-goals and red cards, and the reasons I suggested you not to pick Batshuayi or Robson-Kanu is that I thought that they will start on the bench, and therefore play only a small amount of minutes and have less chances of scoring a goal. Robson-Kanu, however, managed to score and get sent-off, which was really Balotelli-like of him. I’ve made the same assumption about Okazaki, who scored a goal in GW1, but I thought that Leicester will try to give more chance to Iheanacho, since they paid 25m for him  – but he got injured and Okazaki scored again!

Anyway, let’s not cry about Jesus being subbed at half-time, let’s see who did the worst in GW2, and who are the players we should all try to avoid for the next weekend, according to our scoring system that may deffer from FPL scoring in some cases. We’ll present top 3 (or bottom 3?) in GW2 for every position, and in the end do a top 5 overall.

So let’s begin:


  • Lloris (TOT) – 1 pt – 0 saves, 2 goals conceded
  • Ryan (BHA) – 1 pt – 2 saves, 2 goals conceded
  • Fabianski (SWA) – 1 pt – 4 saves, 4 goals conceded

It was a goalkeeper’s worst nightmare for Lloris. Not many chances to record saves, but to end up with 0 saves and 2 goals conceded at home – there’s no place for argument here. We probably didn’t expected much from Mathew Ryan visiting Leicester, while Fabianski actually managed to record some saves and earn a point for it, but he conceded 4.


  • Walker (MCI) –  -2 pts – 1 red card, 1 goal conceded
  • Alderweireld (TOT) – 0 pt – 1 yellow card, 2 goals conceded
  • Steve Cook (BOU) – 0 pt – 1 yellow card, 2 goals concded

Walker got sent off pretty easy, but he managed to get two yellow cards in like 100 seconds. He should’ve known better than putting an elbow to an opponent. He maybe didn’t deserve to be sent-off, but on the other hand he got outsmarted by a 20 year old! Alderweireld got a rare yellow on Sunday and, unfortunately for him, it was for nothing since Tottenham went on to lose their first game at home (officially, at least). Bournemouth lost against Watford at home, and even though I really like the Cherries, they need to start turning things around soon, before they find themselves in an even more difficult situation.


  • Arnautovic (WHU) –  -2 pts – 32 minutes, 1 red card
  • Schneiderlin (EVE) –  -1 pt – 87 minutes, 1 red card
  • Palmer (HUD) – 0 pt – 18 minutes, 1 yellow card

If you only fill booking columns, besides minutes, get used to be mentioned here. There’s really not much more to say about this list.


  • Batshuayi (CHE) –  -1 pt – 11 minutes, 1 own-goal
  • Joselu (NEW) – 0 pt – 38 minutes, 1 yellow card
  • Barnes (BUR) – 0 pt – 11 minutes, 1 yellow card

Forwards who come on as a late sub and to try to turn the game around sometimes score goals. However, more often than not they get booked because they are nervous their team is behind and they are trying too hard. Try to avoid forwards (or any players  for that matter) that starts on the bench. It is just not worth it in the long run. I have to single out Batshuayi – what a great own-goal he scored!


Top 5 worst choices in GW5:


Top 5 worst choices so far this season:

Gameweek 3 looks like it’s going to be an interesting and tough one, and we’ll try to give you our short thoughts on every game:

  • Bournemouth – Man City: The Cherries started the season with 2 losses, unexpectedly in my opinion. However, they’ll have a tough job trying to get something from this game, since City lost points at home on Monday. I would not be surprised if Bournemouth manage to score a goal, because in the past they loved games where they can play an open game. Avoid defenders from both teams, and lookout for City’s attacking midfielders playing as a wing-back (Sane in GW2). I do believe that Jesus and Agüero will start together again, so hopefully you should not worry about that.
  • Crystal Palace – Swansea: The type of game very few people would actually like to watch. Palace playing much worse than expected, while Swansea are deservedly considered ones to go down. Benteke should be able to endanger Swansea’s goal a few times, while on the other side, I sincerely don’t know if I could single out a single player. Just don’t take anyone from Swansea. Maybe only Abraham as a really cheap option, but it’s not like he has been dangerous since the season started.
  • Huddersfield – Southampton: I actually think that Huddersfield’s fairy-tail will continue at least until the international break. Southampton did managed to score 3 goals against West Ham, but 2 of those were from the spot (not to mention how badly they were taken). They did however manage to hit the cross-bar a few times, so they were actually dangerous, compared to the GW1 game against Swansea. It’s hard to say who may under-perform, but try to avoid players that could start on the bench.
  • Newcastle – West Ham: This may be a great chance for Newcastle to score their first goal of the season. At the same time, this Newcastle squad looks worse than last season’s to me, and I don’t know how’s that possible. A really tough game to call, and I honestly think we could get anything from this game. West Ham managed to score twice playing with a man down, so I would expect them to score against Newcastle.
  • Watford – Brighton: This should be a great chance for Watford to capitalise on their away win at Bournemouth last week. I would really be surprised if they don’t win this one after last week’s result. I won’t assume that you have anyone from Brighton, but if you do you then you should get rid of him. Gray went straight to the starting 11, even though Okaka has scored in GW1. After their GW2 win, I don’t expect them to change the formation for GW3.
  • Man Utd – Leicester: Possibly the best game to watch in gameweek 3. The latest information is that Vardy has returned to training, so hopefully he’ll be fit to start. Man Utd are clearly favourites to win, but I would expect goals from both sides. Oh, and I’d really expect Okazaki to remain in the starting 11 now.
  • Chelsea – Everton: Everton are entering their second game of that dreadful series of games. Chelsea are favourites to win of course, but Everton have got themselves an interesting squad this season. This should be an entertaining game to watch. I don’t expect the Toffees to keep a clean sheet, so I would avoid their defenders.
  • West Brom – Stoke: What a match-up! I think no-one knows what will happen in this game. West Brom are yet to concede a goal. Gun to my head, I would say West Brom will win. Their defenders continue to be good choices so I won’t change them ahead of a home game against Stoke. Speaking of the rest of the squad, I wouldn’t look any further than Phillips – he’s the only one worth picking in my opinion, and I would forget about the rest, no matter how they do in the following weeks.
  • Liverpool – Arsenal: Liverpool rested 3 of their defenders from their first 2 games of the season, and they didn’t conceded. Since Klopp has arrived, Liverpool have scored 3 goals in all PL games against Arsenal, and yes, you guessed it – they have never kept a sheet clean. I don’t expect them to put a combined team against Arsenal. You may look to picking obvious choices like Mané, Salah and Firmino, but I wouldn’t look any further. As for the Arsenal team, I would reconsider Lacazette having in mind his high price. And guys, I know that Xhaka had 2 assists in the firs GW, but to be owned by almost 17% of FPL players, I really think that’s funny.
  • Spurs – Burnley: Spurs gets another chance to do better at Wembley at the start of the season. If they are to consider themselves contenders, this match should not be a problem for them. Maybe ‘Hurry’ Kane will finally break his “August Duck”, after hitting the woodwork twice in his first two gameweeks, only so people can stop talking about it. I would consider Spurs’ defenders safe choices for this gameweek.

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