A Dead Team is Going to WIN the Fantasy Premier League

Today we discovered something extraordinary, unthinkable, extremely lucky and never seen before within the world of Fantasy Premier League…

One godly FPL manager, who goes by the name of Malik, is ranked 9th in the world league. But here is the twist… Malik has not made a single transfer since the very beginning of the 2017/2018 premier league season!

Malik has scored a total of 920 points so far, which puts him just 4 points off of 5th place and 61 points from the top spot.


Malik played his ‘bench boost’ chip in gameweek one, scoring himself 56 points. Malik then went on to play his ‘triple captain’ chip the very next gameweek, bagging a mere 47 points.
No wonder Malik gave up.


However, even after gameweek 14, Malik has not made one transfer for his squad! He finished gameweek 14 with a respectable 73 points, thanks to Mo Salah’s brace on Wednesday night, scoring 26 points.

His line-up remains unchanged with de Gea, Alonso, Azpilicueta and Valencia in defence. The midfield boasts Fabregas, Sterling, De Bruyne (V) and Salah (C).

Upfront Malik employs Jesus and Vardy as his main point scorers, with 15 goals between the pair.
Throughout the entire campaign, Malik has had Mo Salah as his captain, with De Bruyne settling for vice-captain.

Luckily for this manager, Salah is the premier league top scorer with 12 goals, 3 assists and 108 points! How did you know, Malik?

Wherever you are, Malik, please return to FPL…

By Dylan Quibell


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