5 Things We Learned From Gameweek 15

Gameweek 15 has been an exciting gameweek indeed, and there are some notable things that happened in it. From a 6 goal thriller at Brighton to a late winner at the Etihad, below are 5 things we learned from Gameweek 15:


  1. Salah doesn’t always score.


Egyptian winger Mohamad Salah sits at the top of the Top Scorers in the PL list, netting 12 goals.

However, he failed to deliver any goals to please the managers that were hoping that he would grab a few; Salah is one of the 3 most captained players for Gameweek 15, but he got only 5 points. 

With only an assist, Mohamad Salah did not meet the expectations, having scored two goals as a substitute in Liverpool’s 3-0 win against Stoke City.

The other two most captained players are Romelu Lukaku (b) and Harry Kane (b), and both of them received only 2 points each.

The best thing to do is to change your captains every now and then, because form is not permanent, and even a top player like Salah can’t score in every game.

  1. Manchester City are struggling with the goals.


Title favourites Manchester City are a team that won many of their previous matches with a huge goal margin. Examples include a 7-2 victory against Stoke and a 5-0 win against Liverpool.

Due to this, many managers have chosen Manchester City players. They might even struggle in choosing which three players to put in their team.


However, in their last two matches, the Citizens only won due to a late goal. Before the goal, they were struggling with a draw. Those two matches were against Southampton and West Ham, and the result of both matches was 2-1.


So, you are suggested to remove some of the Manchester City players that haven’t scored lately, such as Sergio Aguero.

  1. Paul Pogba’s un’spectacular’ return.


Paul Pogba’s return was seen as a very good sign for Manchester United fans and FPL managers as well.

High expectations were set for him, and the Frenchman was doing just fine throughout the match against Arsenal. But, in the 74th minute, he was sent off.

In the FPL, a sending off deducts 3 points, meaning that Pogba got only 5 points for the 16.1% of managers who put him in their team.

If you don’t want an inactive £8 million player in your team, sell him and get someone else, at least until his suspension is over.

  1. Everton look back on track.


With a new manager appointed, Everton look like they are back on track, after beating Huddersfield by 2 goals to nil.

The win was the second in a row for the Toffees – a positive sign as Everton have been through a very long and poor run of form.

We urge you to start buying some Everton players, starting with rising talent Calvert-Lewin.

  1. You don’t want Lewis Dunk in your team.

Brighton defender Lewis Dunk is not a player you would want to have on your team, having scored three own goals this season.

The most recent of those own goals came against Liverpool, and his side ended up losing 5-1. This resulted in the Englishman receiving a total of -2 points.

So, if you have Lewis Dunk in your team, replace him before his price drops.


In conclusion, Gamweek 15 has been an exciting one, with many big matches taking place and many coming up as well.

By The Liverbird

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